Good idea? Bad idea?

Here's a letter I'm thinking of sending. Should I?

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  1. Send it! As a 1971 BA graduate, I share your views.

  2. Absolutely. A pledge like that always has an unspoken condition that the recipient doesn’t go bonkers and do things to discredit themselves, a condition that Hoover has more than just failed to live up to. As long as Hoover is trading on the Stanford name and image, no gifts to anything having to do with Stanford would be my policy.

  3. Of course it is a good idea! I attended Stanford as a freshman (it is a long story why my parents decided the school was not appropriate for me after that, but it has to do with a friend and I attending a Fair Housing demonstration at the capitol building in Sacramento) and I have long wondered why the Hoover Institution was affiliated with Stanford. Like you, now I am ashamed.


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