I'm so not excited

We've got a handful of minor elections under way here in Portlandia. School board, "educational service district" (whatever that is), money for the historical society, snoozers all.

So I guess I shouldn't be surprised at how soft-core the election porn showing up in our mailbox has been.

There's not much to see. Brim-Edwards is obviously running for something bigger. The Weed is gushing over her, which should make anyone suspicious. And nobody mentions that she's on the board of trustees that just presided over a most embarrassing presidential fiasco at Oregon State.

I'm voting for Max Margolis, if only to let JBE know that I don't think the Portland public schools are being so well-managed. 

Then there's the Historical Society, quick to point out that this is just a renewal of their existing tax, and so it won't increase your property tax bill. That's the way you do these things. When you first install the tax, you say, "It will only be temporary." When you renew it over and over, you say "You're already paying it." Lather, rinse, repeat.

And remember, folks, above all, it's for the children!

I'll probably vote for it, though. Nothing wrong with history. And they need money for the next time the brat from Reed (son of a college history professor, no less) throws one of his tantrums and busts the place up. Reminiscent of that wonderful old Was Not Was song, "Hello Dad? I'm in Jail."

Anyway, major raspberries to the election porn purveyors this time around. Boring! Bring back Packy!


  1. The PPS cost per student and graduation rate shows you how much these folks really care about education, instead of a launch pad for a political career.


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