What's this under the rug?

As if the suits running Oregon State University haven't screwed up badly enough this year, now they're going to hide stuff. Here's a story about their defying the decision of the county prosecutor and suing the Associated Press to keep secret some public documents relating to the unfolding scandal in the women's volleyball program down there.

The Associated Press sought records after its own reporting uncovered complaints from more than a dozen people close to or formerly part of current Oregon State volleyball coach Mark Barnard’s program. Three players have considered suicide during his time there.

During open meetings to discuss Alexander’s future, Oregon State’s trustees apologized to their community and promised a new push for transparency and accountability when it came to protecting students on campus.

Meanwhile, in the volleyball case, the school is pressing forward with a lawsuit against The AP to prevent disclosing details about an internal investigation of the team and Barnard, who critics say has been running an emotionally exploitative program. At least a dozen players have quit or transferred over the span of the last five years....

Shortly after publishing the second part of its series last November, the AP sought information and documentation about that investigation through open-records requests. Oregon State issued a blanket denial of the initial request, and after AP won an appeal to the local district attorney’s office, the university sued the news-gathering agency in state court to prevent from having to disclose anything. A hearing in that case is set for June 25.

That is truly pathetic. 

Maybe the OSU board of trustees need to hear from people who think they ought to just turn over what the district attorney says we have a right to see. Here they are. Maybe someone out there has an email address list that they could share with us:

Mike Bailey

Patricia M. Bedient

Rani Borkar

Julia Brim‐Edwards

Darald W. Callahan

Michele Longo Eder

Lamar Hurd

Khawater Hussein

Paul J. Kelly, Jr.

Julie Manning

Preston Pulliams

Kirk E. Schueler

Stephanie Smith

Michael G. Thorne