Dispatches from Little Beirut

When you browse through the news sources in Portland these days, it's like reading the latest reports from a war zone. We're surrounded by bad actors. People are being killed. Property is being destroyed. Nobody's being held responsible.

This morning we can start with the rioters, I guess. They set the police union building on fire last night. Apparently there were about 100 rioters on hand. Fortunately the fire department got there before the whole building went up in smoke. 

The event was well publicized all day, but despite the ample advance notice, the cops let the crazies torch the building before anyone with a badge showed up. They arrested one 19-year-old woman, identified as Alma Raven-Guido, and charged her with arson. Here's her mugshot from last night, and another one from last summer when she was arrested for acting up at a protest:

You have to wonder how many of these she will collect before someone really gets hurt.

Okay, on to the next group of bad actors, the villainous cops of Clark County (which is doubly redundant). The mom of one of their shooting victims, Jenoah Dolad, thinks that the criminal investigation into the killing of her son should be done by the local prosecutor, rather than by a d.a. from another county. Interesting.  But does it really matter who's in charge of sweeping things under the rug?

In Minnesota, there's precedent for turning cop killings over to the state attorney general for possible prosecution. The mayor of the Minneapolis suburb that's the site of the Daunte Wright execution-by-cop wants that procedure invoked in the Wright case.

Maybe that's what should happen here in Oregon when the cops take somebody out, like that woman in Springfield. But can you imagine our attorney general, Mellow Ellen, letting herself get dragged into cop murder? I can't. It could hinder her gubernatorial ambitions. (By the way, who killed Michael Francke?)

And last but not least, there's news on the "gun violence" front, formerly known as "gangs," here in Portland. The FBI is going to get involved. The local cops love it, which means that once the lefties get wind of it, there'll be all sorts of outcry.

Hey, at least it's not the Trump FBI.