There's been so much news in recent months about the police, particularly here in Portland but all around the country. With so many headlines to scroll through, it's easy to miss some stories, or just let them slide by because the weight of all of them is too much to bear.

But I think it's worth spending a few minutes thinking about this story, about the police killing of the crazed guy who had himself killed a right-wing protester in Portland last summer. It's the official version of what went down the night the cops shot the man to death up in Olympia. I still feel that that they set out to execute him, and that there was never going to be any effort made to take him alive.

Then there's this hideous story from down in Springfield. Another needless execution. And another set of "investigations" that was so shallow as to be laughable.

Where we are with law enforcement doesn't speak well of us as a society.


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