Brown doubling down dubiously

We got another flyer from Adrian Brown, candidate for county judge, today. She sure is spending her money on this.

But the clincher is on the address side, where Brown repeats this unfortunate side-by-side comparison with her opponent:

That comparison bit is a real turnoff for me. Negative, borderline partisan – not good. And Brown may have been in the "Obama Justice Department," but she is currently employed by the Trump U.S. Attorney's Office, which is doing a bunch of stuff I can't condone.

I thought about this race probably more than about any of the other local races. After much deliberation, I voted for Rima.


  1. "Community Leaders We Trust Stand With Adrian Brown"? Sorry but I haven't trusted a community leader since Nick Fish.

    (Full disclosure: While I've written comedy for several local media types in the Hacks vs Flacks roast put on by the Portland Public School Foundation, the only local politician I ever wrote for was Nick Fish. I did however write a page of jokes for Max Brumm that ended up in the Voter's Pamplet when he was running for mayor.)


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