You can't spell Djokovic without Covid

Last week, I asked what your CGD score was -- your Covid give-a-damn rating. I noted that to my horror, I had seen on the tube that they were playing pro tennis in a packed stadium in Serbia without any precautions whatsoever.

Last night, it was revealed that tennis star Novak Djokovic, who organized and played in the event, has tested positive.

That ought to be a bigger story than it is. The man is the No. 1 tennis player in the world.

Who knows how many people contracted the virus at that tournament? At least four players and two coaches have tested positive. There will be plenty of other people to follow, peasants and athletes alike, in that players and fans interacted freely, as if there were no deadly pandemic in progress.

They played two weekends -- first in Belgrade, then in Zadar. It was a charity thing. Several of the top men's players in the world were there.

So was the world's No. 1 virus.

They meant well. But there's a real danger in magical thinking. And I see a lot of it. At the moment, the American sports media are full of fantasy stories of how this sport or that is going to resume. Some of the leagues are going to Florida, of all places, to keep safe. It's hard to see any of it happening until there's a vaccine. And until then, whatever does happen will forever bear an asterisk.

The Koreans keep playing pro baseball, but it's a different world over there. For one thing, people listen.