New numbers, same blahs

The power went out for nearly an hour here at Blog Central, just as Multnomah County election workers dropped some new numbers from yesterday's contests. Maybe somebody up there is trying to tell me something.

Things have gone from bad to worse for Jessie Burke. They counted about 9000 votes in her race against Sam Adams today, and Adams's lead increased from 278 to 462. I can't find any official estimate of how many more ballots are left to be counted, but this morning they were saying 50,000 countywide, and all told, so far today they probably counted 30,000. That would leave about 20,000 to go, of which maybe 7000 would be from District 2. Half of those would be split between Burke and Adams. To pick up the 463 Burke needs to make the runoff, she'd need to win the remaining votes for her and Adams by about 57 percent to 43 percent. It ain't gonna happen. And so in November the choice would be between "homeless advocate" Shannon Singleton and Ex-Mayor Creepy. Yuck.

But wait! This afternoon, the O is saying there are still 40,000 votes to be counted in the county. That would make the odds of a Burke comeback a little more plausible. There might be 7000 more votes for either her or Adams, of which she would need about 53.3 percent. Still, these are not promising numbers.

Way out east in District 4, Vince Jones-Dixon had a nice day. He may avoid a runoff. At the latest count, he's got 11,223 votes, which is only 52 votes short of a majority. There might be somewher between 2000 and 4000 votes yet to be tallied out his way, and today I believe he won by 600 out of about 6400 votes counted.

The power's back on here now, but it's still not looking good for a positive change on the county commission. The new lineup's going to include Jones-Dixon; Chevy Vega; and Singleton, Megan Moyer, or both. Julia Brim-Edwards had better have some Rolaids in her desk drawer.

Oh, and Mikey's people say he'll be sticking it out to the bitter end, 224 days from now. But who's counting?

UPDATE, 5:50 p.m.: Adams's lead is up to 609. Jones-Dixon is just 17 votes short of a majority. It appears they counted around 55,000 votes today. 

UPDATE, Thursday: New numbers. Burke is out, Jones-Dixon is in.


  1. I'm no spring chicken, but I have little doubt that Swamp Creature Adams will be the mayor again in my lifetime. Voters have such a short memory and he knows how to talk the talk. He got sent to the bottom by his own doing, and yet, he is slowly creeping up the stairs again.

  2. ^
    Like many a consultant and the great Mckinseyification of the country (although, in the case of Sam, the sinecure for a creepy little Vera Katz pet project pusher remora), we’re never going to be rid of Sam Adams nor Pete Buttigieg.
    Mayor, even tho no one remembers anything anymore in the media spectacle/deluge that didn’t happen 10 minutes or seconds ago sounds a little bold as a wager, but only a little / wouldn’t necessarily make a big bet against?

    Looks like full clown show for the county…
    ..was hoping there was a little chance we might get a shot with Vadim Mozyrsky, Miriran, Burke to inject a little competence & sanity?

  3. As predicted, the dumb never stops. The only good news is Adams can read the tea leaves and might actually make some progress in cleaning up this town.

  4. Thought the zoo might be a ‘no’ but 55-45% without that many votes uncounted?

    Must be a lot of renters, bums & childless /empty nester wealthy people in Portland proper & people with kids don’t have to go to deadly downtown the attitude of the smug urban planners is ‘oh, you want s decent life & to have a pet, couple kids & a yard instead of a 1-2 bedroom shoebox in a junker bunker?’

    ‘Fuck you, move to the suburbs navigating the HOAs and other suburbanite a-holes, take your life in your hands in traffic, buy (& feed) a car!’

    1. Adding paragraph spaces doesn’t help. Seek therapy.

  5. Free speech can be annoying


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