Curtains for Burke; no runoff out east

Vince Jones-Dixon.

We have some new numbers in the Multnomah County elections. Jessie Burke lost more ground today, another 200 votes, to Sam Adams. She's toast. And in District 5, East County, Vince Jones-Dixon has climbed a hair over the 50 percent mark, avoiding a runoff that he would surely win anyway.

They counted about 22,000 ballots today. They must be pretty close to finished.

Too bad about Burke, and I'm not wildly optimistic about VJD, although one can hope he gets it. With candidates and voters like ours, Portland's hard times seem unlikely to improve any time soon.


  1. File this under "It's only OK if I'm the beneficiary...":

    Jayapal the Younger and AOC are completely ignoring the facts that:

    - Jayapal the Elder was a crappy candidate with a crappier record as baggage. She's the one who drew AIPACs wrath.

    - The dark money that Schmidt received was from a George Soros-affiliated "Working Families Party"...and that Schmidt had a record worse than Jayapal the Elder's to defend.

    - McSkinner is probably the worst person on the planet to challenge Chavez-DeRemer. McSkinner would've completely flamed out for sure. At least with Bynum (even with her considerable collection of warts) makes OR-5 competitive).

    - Dexter is a true blue "progressive" who would be a welcome addition to "the Squad." Ditto for Bynum.

    I guess Jayapal the Younger and AOC weren't listening when Biden said "Take the win."

  2. Remember the Zoo scam won't raise your taxes because they said so. Can they be sued for false advertising?


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