How dare they!

Hey, Jeff Murkily is upset that a dark money outfit is attacking Sister Sushi Jayapal by pointing to her abysmal record as a county commissioner.

In a social media post this weekend, U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley raised concerns about the negative advertising by Voters for Responsive Government, given that it has not yet disclosed its donors.

“I strongly condemn the dark money campaign underway to smear Susheela Jayapal in OR CD3 and any other dark money campaigns that are underway or planned,” he wrote. “They are despicable and damaging to our democracy.”

Didja hear that, Mikey?

No, wait. Here's an event being promoted a year and a half ago by Mikey's very own favorite dark money source, the Working Families Party. And it was Jeff and Sushi's sister! Such a small world after all.


  1. Jeff didn’t put those words together. I’ve been near him and heard him talk extemporaneously.

  2. You know what's despicable and damaging to our "democracy"? Party hacks and trough sucking flacks.

  3. Never been a fan of Gordon Smith, but in hindsight it’s regrettable that he got dumped for this dirtbag.

    1. It's sad that most US Senate seats have become the equivalent of judicial retention elections. Unless you are indicted or live in a swing state, getting a senate gig is the closest thing to a title of nobility obtainable.

      The 12 year term limit idea for the Senate makes some sense.


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