Another gong in the show

The chaos in the public health system in Portland continues. Today we learn that the community health center director of Multnomah County is officially out, after being on paid leave and under a cloud for months. And that’s not all:

His was one of three recent departures from the health center system. Jeff Perry, its chief financial officer, and Bernadette Thomas, the medical director, also resigned recently, according to an email from Serena Cruz, the county’s chief operating officer. 

The level of personnel turnover in the county’s health bureaucracy has been ridiculous these last few years. If only we had competent county commissioners who would take charge and straighten things out.


  1. Dissolve Multco. It cannot be repaired.

  2. Mental health affects all levels of society, but seems to be pervasive in government. Perhaps getting your head out of the clouds (or backside) and actually seeing the world as it is, would be a first step.

  3. I wish west Portland could join Washington county. I'm surprised that hasn't been proposed

    1. I think PPS West Sylvan campus is in Washington county

    2. ^there are parts that are city of Portland & WA county & rare parts that are unincorporated multnomah.

      Idk, county seat of WA county is Hillsboro way out there, a creepy little place, but most populous and accessible places are tigard/Beaverton.

      As the resident upper unincorporated WA county or unincorporated Mult co / garden home multnomah villagr area commenter that hates HOAs, hysterical (historical) districts & post WW2 car dependent sprawl hellscape & godawful construction & wouldn’t live hardly anywhere in Lake Oswego, but stafford triangle outside the urban growth boundary or city of LO proper along childs road/outer lake grove but still walkable or maybe southwood (LO schools, but unincorporated clack co & easy access to Portland, no crime), idk where I stand on this?

      WA county has a lot of HOA, lot more rules at the county level I don’t like and it’s little Nike, intel & other corporate fiefdom carve outs. Lotta loneliness and divorce & unhappiness on nextdoor that I pick up in the as they crow flies radius.
      No real plan, TV hwy sprawling hellscape, center of political gravity tech money & suburbanites with a lot of apartment complexes thrown in, traffic, only ~4 ways to get thru the stupid hill to get out there.
      I don’t go past 217/wanna keep it that way.

      Idk what we do?
      Go full galaxy brain and make it all metro/one big board or dissolve & spin off?

      I feel for ya guys in NE along interstate, Vancouver/williams, I5 & MLK; the city bureaucrats mostly don’t have to live there to live with the consequences of their graft and machinations & center of gravity or political power or the city has been mostly west side & eastmoreland plus you have all the tax dodging vancouverites fucking up & clogging all the traffic passing thru.

      That said, I miss a lot of aspects of my time in SE and NE and am an ‘on the grid’ SE & NE guy at heart…

      At this point do I just go big and give up and go for Columbia or hood river counties of what’s left of oregon?

      PUD & coop power, lots of water, kind of off the beaten path, somewhat constrained growth?

  4. THAT Serena Cruz???

  5. Well here’s your problem:

    “Serena Cruz, the county’s chief operating officer.” My goodness…time to dissolve the county.

  6. Chaos at the State too:


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