So, where'd it go?

That "door plug" that blew out of a brand-new Alaska Airlines MAX jet the other night still hasn't been found. As far as I can tell, the plane took off from the Portland Airport to the west, then hung a hard turn to the left and was heading southeast toward its destination in southern California when the panel went flying off the fuselage.

Now, the laws of gravity say it has to have landed somewhere, but nobody's admitting to having found it yet. The feds in charge of the investigation keep mentioning Highway 217 and Barnes Road, which is a pretty densely populated location. You would think that if it fell there, somebody would have noticed.

Here's an unofficial map that's floating around on the internet about the likely location:

Nike's out that way. Maybe it will turn up on their grounds. Or maybe some kids will find it in the schoolyard in Cedar Hills tomorrow morning. Maybe it's in a park, or some woods. Or maybe it will never turn up, the D.B. Cooper of door plugs.

What would you do if you found it? Me, I'd probably hold out for some money. Let's just hope they don't find a body underneath it.

Meanwhile, the chair of the National Transportation Safety Board was in town yesterday for a photo op and a presser. Jennifer Homendy (pronounced like hominy), her name is. 

Welcome to Portland, Ms. Homendy. But do be careful where you're stepping. Don't leave your car unattended for too long. And watch yourself around that airport hotel.


  1. Has anyone heard from Mayor Pete? Or is this all beyond his purview? That dude sure likes to remind us what's not his job when things go wrong, but has LOTS of ideas for how to do others' jobs. Jobs he's wildly unqualified to hold.

    Like the one he has.

    1. The NTSB and FAA are investigating. The planes have been grounded until the issue is understood and resolved. What exactly are you asking for? Are you obsessed with your crush?

    2. Pete Buttigieg is wholly unqualified for the job he holds, let alone the job he wishes he held.

      Now that we've cleared that up.

      A dominant civilian and military (they call it the C-40) aerospace supplier has a major quality control issue on their hands. SecDef was quite literally AWOL last week. SecTrans should be visible and answering questions right now, instead of planning happy hour, or however he passes the time. His organization has given Boeing a very wide berth in the last three years to self-report problems. That needs to come to an end.

      There should probably be a stop-work order issues in Wichita and Renton.

    3. It sounds like one of those deals where only Trump can fix it, innit?

  2. If you look at the upper quadrant of that circle, there is a fair size lake there. The phones were found in that area, and I would guess that the door is at the bottom of the lake. Just a guess, though.

  3. I’m betting on Forest Park! Maybe the residents of the tent cities around town will co-opt the door for a resident’s abode.


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