Here are our players' final underdog picks

We're down to the finale of the charity pro football underdog game for the year, and our players have entered these picks:

7  DETROIT at San Francisco - SteveO, Beakie, Linda, J-Dawg, andypdx, The Mortician, pdxTrojan, Stephen F., Shoeshine Boy, PDXileinOmaha, Bad Picker, Gordon, Man Without a Plan, Annie B., Kosar19, Dangeruss

3.5  KANSAS CITY at Baltimore - Meow, JC, Oredogger, Air, Mojo

Our top four all picked the same 'dog, and so when we formally announce the three winners tonight, it will be the same way things stood at the top of our most recent standings, here. Congrats to the winners, and more on that later.

Now we settle in and watch the Big Daddies fight it out to see who goes to the Super Bowl. I've got Baltimore −3 and Detroit +7, Lamar and Pacheco to score TDs, Mahomes to throw an interception. A big five dollars on the line today. How about you? Gridiron fans everywhere, enjoy.


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