Back and Trumpy-er than ever

Joe Kent, the MAGA wingnut who narrowly lost to Marie Gluesenkamp Perez for the Congressional seat from the 'Couve in 2022, is running against her again this year, and in all likelihood he will have the benefit of a brisk tailwind as Orange Caligula himself is likely to be at the top of the Republican ticket.

Kent has always been shady, and he hasn't changed his ways. An outfit called The Daily Beast has been keeping tabs on some shenanigans going on with his campaign money. Meanwhile, despite years of asking, nobody has yet explained what the guy does for a living. And no one has seemed interested in following up on my discovery that at one point, he appears to have underpaid his federal income tax by several thousand dollars.

Knowing that he'll be campaigning at the same time as his spray-tanned idol, Kent is swerving deep into banana republic territory, with no far-right assertion too insane to make. It's all pretty depressing to watch, and even more so when you figure that this time around, he may very well win.


  1. OMG! Kent is the worst! It's hard to believe that Trump and Kent are running for office again and they could actually win!? Hope people wake up before it's too late!

  2. It looks like he is wearing lifts! Dead giveaway of a narcissist! Peas in a Pod.

  3. Judging by all the insane and dirty folly by our local electeds and pals Kent and Trump are far better than any Portland like politician, agenda or governance. Seems Portland is beyond ripe for a new course. Yet sadly there is nothing but momentum for a worsening status quo.

    1. Your authoritarian chops are showing. Local leaders may have some issues but they don’t ignore the Constitution.

  4. He’s not as off-putting as Thiel funded Blake Masters in AZ in his ‘German’ Glock (don’t the guys with good taste in guns seek out the Austrian made versions of the 9mm?) aspiring school shooter video, nor his he running for a bigger office with more exposure, but they seem to both share 1 thing in common; never having had a (remotely) real (even in appearances) job?

    Idk if he’s a Thiel court jester like Masters (who Thiel presumably will now be using as one of his personal younger vampire blood bags after he performed so badly?), a lower level Tucker Carlson who either is low level aspiring CIA suckup, but fumbled the bag (after making it big in media) (too flirty with Murdoch’s (former?) fiancĂ©e (Tucker is doing some real dogshit interviews with D-list guests these days on Twitter no less.

    Hate to say it, and odds/points shaving and football pool I’m outta practice on, but I’d give him good odds too?

    It’s not a statewide race likely to give him more exposure, he says his lines pretty well/presents well, , resentment in the blue states in a tax dodging already fairly MAGA friendly district in a blue state next to a kind of dumpster fire (Portland) I think gives him better odds like all those mucinex looking monsters NY republicans who did pretty good on outer Long Island giving the slim R majority in Congress we now have.

    I can only hope he’ll get some more exposure and either go too far over the top post dobbs decision like so many republicans in a place with fairly OK public schools where moms for liberty types are roundly hated, get too off-putting/online and nerdy Blake Masters style in an area where most suburbanites send their kids to public school & the bill gates lobby hasn’t managed to totally cripple &/or charter school the area yet or he’ll fumble the bag more like Tucker?

    But I’m not *all that* confident & hope isn’t s plan.
    I’ll also note that low turnout has the uncanny ability to help democrats in odd places these days?
    They’re more motivated post dobbs on some more local stuff to oppose. I think, as you say, that also works against in 2024…tho the republicans didn’t do that well in the midterms? (No trump & yes dobbs tho?).
    He’s pretty off-putting tho?
    &, of loser democrats, his opponent seems *fairly* relatable and there are a good few tradespeople up there that aren’t all total affluent suburbanite scum that aren’t total MAGA shitheads?
    But Joe Biden probably doesn’t help her any in the way trump helps Kent?

    Also leave it to democrat idiocy/incompetence to fuck up the OR districting (tho maybe they don’t care/all our current gargoyles & their staffers in the dem rotten Burroughs keep their seats?), this race & Ron Johnson that awful car salesman in WI who they could beat had they not starved that race of $…

    …but the republicans are lead by their base and have party discipline.

    The dems have no incentive to energize their base or set any precedent that they’ll do anything for them, gate keep or smear anyone decent / pass the unpopular hot potato (like the lady who got that hot turd of an issue of keeping trump off the ballot…that’s how dems see tho: force their own in the 2 party system to take up unpopular issues and hang them out to dry or content to lose if it doesn’t undermine institutional legitimacy as long as enough of them can keep their jobs or lobby, get s book deal, media job &/or write/ collaborate on a godawful play/media product like Hamilton/similar) & are an individual striver networking / conference organization at best.

    1. One outstanding quality a blogger can have is parsimony my friend. I find it nearly impossible to follow your ranting sentences that all seem to loop around themselves in some kind of personal parallel universe you apparently inhabit.

    2. Portland Democrats: ninnies. Jesus what solipsistic children. Orange man bad going to get you is he? What could he possibly do that is worse than Pelosi/Biden/Mayorkas, or the FBI/IRS? All I can say is that it brings me joy that you all huddle beneath the same two-holer: Portland, OR


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