Crickets greet my scoop on Joe Kent's taxes

My post of last Thursday evening about Trumpy Joe Kent's tax issues (here) did not go viral, to say the least. Indeed, I count zero mentions of it anywhere. Today OPB has a story up about how Joe could shoot somebody in the middle of Main Street in the 'Couve and still win election to Congress. But there's not a word in there about the fact that Kent appears to have understated his income on one of his tax returns by five figures. The Columbian has been silent about it, too, and the O apparently doesn't even have one of their own reporters covering Kent's race.

When politicians release their tax returns – something that you'll never see, say, Ron Wyden do – I think voters just assume that somebody out there somewhere is going to go over the documents with a fine-tooth comb and highlight anything questionable. This case is proof positive that that doesn't always happen, unless you count me as somebody somewhere.

I'm pretty sure Kent is going to win tonight, and so we'll have at least a couple of years for some journalist to get around to asking him about what he may owe Uncle Sam and the State of Maryland in deficient taxes over the sale of his house in that state. But given the indifference about the matter so far, you have to wonder whether anyone will bother.


  1. Did he have professional advice in submitting his returns?

  2. I count you as somebody, somewhere. And thanks! Looks like he is losing after all.


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