Here are our players' Week 13 underdog picks

While fans of the junior game bicker about who should be in the college football playoffs, the Big Daddies in the pro ranks are donning the pads and having at it for another Sunday. Here's what the players in our charity underdog game are thinking may happen:

9.5  WASHINGTON vs. Miami - Evil O

9  SEATTLE at Dallas (Thursday, unsuccessful) - andypdx, Beaver Believer

8.5  CINCINNATI at Jacksonville (Monday, pick still due Sunday, 10:00 a.m. PST) - SteveO, J-Dawg, Man Without a Plan, Vegasbaby5

6.5  GREEN BAY vs. Kansas City  - Linda, Stephen F., Gordon, Dangerruss, Shoeshine Boy

6  NEW ENGLAND vs. Los Angeles Chargers - Air, Mojo, Howler 

5.5  CAROLINA at Tampa Bay - PdxTrojan, Meow, Bad Picker, Annie B.

4  NEW ORLEANS vs. Detroit - Oredogger

3.5  CLEVELAND at Los Angeles Rams - Kosar19

3.5  DENVER at Houston - King of Kings

3  PHILADELPHIA vs. San Francisco - Beakie, PDXileinOmaha,  JC

Nobody chose:

5.5  ARIZONA at Pittsburgh

3  NEW YORK JETS vs. Atlanta

1.5  TENNESSEE vs. Indianapolis

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post has been updated to reflect all the picks for the week. At 8:22 a.m. today, Shoeshine Boy changed his pick from Philadelphia to Green Bay.

Our latest standings, with an update noted, are here. Good luck to everyone in lucky Week 13!

UPDATE, 4:45 p.m.: No points were won in the day games. Arizona prevailed, but none of our players were on it. Our top four players all have Green Bay tonight, and so there will be no changes in the order of the top four in our standings this week. Four other 'dognosticators have the Mon-'dog.

UPDATE, 9:20 p.m.: The rich get richer! The Packers win in a badly officiated wild one in the Wisconsin cold night. Because this result does not change our rankings much, and four players are on tomorrow night's game, I won't be posting standings until after that game.