All in all it's just a... nother brick in the mall

Downtown Portland has gone completely to pot, and the city's downtown-centric transit system is falling apart with it. But some things never change. The bricks that they foolishly paved the transit mall with still need lots of TLC. Today was another "magic sand" day at Sixth and Yamhill.

Although the situation confirmed that life goes on, I'm a little worried. Usually there are two or three more people getting paid to stand there and watch.


  1. You don’t understand Jack, they gotta keep the street all pretty like. Not for any fictional tourists you see, but so our own “houseless residents” can have something nice to look at while they are using the Benson Bubblers as a bidet.

  2. The shovel learners were occupied elsewhere.

  3. Lived over to Kenton when (so I heard) it was Adams' neighborhood. For years they were pulling and replacing pavers on N Denver between Willis and N Watts. Street that ran in front of the branch library.

    That branch went almost a full decade without any window display of American history if it concerned white men, positive national messaging or praise for Portlanders pre-2000. Displays tended to favor valiant trans-sex Yap Islanders who fought the power or some such.

    Sam's expensive street folly and a window offering a constant diet of hate America and despise whites. I'm a library rat and was amazed at the sustained antagonism towards the nation and the paler breed. Always stoking resentment, always creating, discovering, and spreading sectarian hate. Never understood that. Why not pave the street with asphalt or concrete and showcase the success of our hard won common heritage.

    It was Tina's hood

    "Ah, but you speak treason."

    1. I was thinking of going into library work 20 years ago. Even went to school for a couple of years to get my qualifications in the library/media field.

      I worked at the Capitol Hill branch and then transferred downtown. I could tell that I would never get ahead there, being a white male with semi-traditional values and unwilling to join one of the cliques full of snooty liberals.

      After not getting promoted to a different job after applying, I literally walked out soon after. And within a week got a much better paying job as a computer technician over in Vancouver.

      I can only imagine how much worse it is now.

  4. We just literally entered our Train wreck phase. phase.

  5. Hey Portland has finally met it's 'Failed State' status.


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