Only the best

A reader sent me this photo, taken today.

It sure stirred up a lot of memories. Readers of the old blog will remember the scene. It's the "magic sand" guys! 

Portland! We don't have cops. We don't have laws. What we do have are a lot of sketchy people in tents and zombie RV's scaring the crap out of everyone. 

And a wonderful transit mall if you're feeling lucky and like danger. A transit mall paved in expensive, fragile bricks. Bricks that need constant fixing. Fixing by crews of a half-dozen people who mostly stand around watching one or two guys work.

On and on it goes. We must have bricks. They don't show the blood as much, I guess.

I hear some of the dedicated public servants pictured are about to go on strike. They say that like it's a bad thing.