Round 2, 2MM

I just noticed that this blog has now surpassed 2 million eyeballs, according to Google:

I think it means that many page views. I also think it's pretty meaningless. But I've been at this version of the blog for 1227 days now, and so I guess I've averaged 1632 eyeballs a day over that whole time span. If only I had a penny for every one, heh.

I passed 1 million about 17 months ago, which works out to something like 1905 a day since then, and so the pace is picking up. Bully for me. That and $6.39 will get me a party size bag of Doritos. But thanks for being here, anyway.

I'll note the next milestone at 3 million. That figures to be reached in early '25, Lord willing.


  1. Who wants to be a 2 Millionaire? Congrats, must be doing something right.

    1. All I get is usually 2 cents worth. You are doing better.

  2. Been hooked for twenty years. Wish the local media had your backbone.


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