Round 2, 600K

This morning the traffic-counting eyeball on the Blogger platform crossed over 600,000 for this blog. I think it means page views, but despite the endless reams of statistics that Blogger provides, I never know what's going on.

Besides, I think some of the traffic is fake. Supposedly I get tons of visitors from Indonesia, for some reason. And for a couple of days recently, there was this weird surge in eyeballs from Sweden.

I doubt there are people in Stockholm keeping up with the news about Killer Kate, Dud Wheeler, and Deadly Deborah. And so I take the number 600,000 with a grain of salt, as should you.

The world's greatest blogger, Tony Pierce, tells me he stopped looking at his hit meter years ago. That's probably a pretty good idea. So I'm going to stop remarking on these 100,000 milestones. I'll treat 1,000,000 as cause for the next report. At the rate we're going, I suspect that will arrive in the early spring of next year.


  1. That's roughly 1.2 million eyeballs. Good job!

  2. Congratulations! I read your blog almost every day, and I'm in Oregon, not Indonesia.


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