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The story of last week's downtown road rage murder gets more depressing by the day. Now we learn that the victim who survived the shooting is a tourist from Phoenix, and he took this photo just before he was shot. It's being seen all over the world. That's the dead guy in the foreground. 

The survivor, Samuel Gomez, was here to give a speech to a convention of minority architects. Not the smartest move. And he says he'll be back, which is an even dumber thing to think. 

Any minute now, someone from the city cheerleading squad will jump up and say something like, "Look on the bright side. At least the killer wasn't a fentanyl dealer." Everyone will have a spin. But all I know is that this went down at 4:30 on a Wednesday afternoon across the street from the Ritz and Governor Hotels. It ain't safe downtown. It just ain't.


  1. The Scariest, real life, photo ever.
    It will initiate conversations and meetings among “do-nothing” political hacks. Portland is circling the drain.

  2. and they wonder why office workers won't come back downtown.

  3. "I am death destroyer of worlds."

  4. This kind of thing is just going to continue until we raise the capital gains tax, and keep these thugs from being able to buy and use these criminal tools.

  5. Time for another task force!

  6. A good friend is a partner at a large east coast architectural firm. They reached out to me yesterday to ask if I'd heard about the incident. I replied asking if they'd seen 'the photo'. I sent it along and assured therm it was 100% authentic.

    Anyway, my friend mentioned they'd sent a couple of folks to the conference. They said the vibes were off the moment they landed. The convention folks ASSURED them there would be adequate transportation. They'd wait for Ubers, only to have rides cancelled after twenty minutes of waiting. What rides they could catch, they noticed the drivers wouldn't shut up. A thousand architects descended on Portland for this. Professionals with good salaries and expense accounts. They happened to be minorites. My friend's colleagues couldn't wait to get out of here. That was BEFORE the shooting, which killed anything they'd hoped to accomplish at the convention.

    I've tried to be an optimist about the town and its future. I don't know if I can anymore. This is just awful.

  7. 2035: the magic year it begins to turn around.


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