Curse of the food carts

There was another murder in downtown Portland today, a shooting. It happened just as the evening rush hour was beginning, although there's probably not much of a rush down there any more. The O says it was road rage. The shooter, in a black Mercedes, reportedly turned himself or herself in, elsewhere downtown. The perp also shot a second person, who was taken to a hospital.

The killing took place near 10th and Alder, which would put it right in front of the new Ritz-Carlton, where the popular old food carts have been replaced by laughable high-rise schlock. Or just across the street therefrom. Funny how none of the media mention the Ritz. One story identifies the nearby Jake's Grill by name, another the moribund Target store in the Galleria.

It took first responders too long to get there, or at least so it seemed to a woman who sat with the victim as he died. Katherine Cook at Channel 8 went down to the scene and talked to people:

"It's traumatic. It's horrific. And our government needs to do something to clean this city up and help not let this happen again," the witness said through tears.

Another woman at the scene, Alyssa Isenstein Krueger, said she was walking out of her doctor's office when she saw a man on the ground who had been shot in the leg and was screaming. 

"People were trying to help him, calling 911," she said. She said she then walked around the corner, and saw another man lying on the ground and someone was helping him. 

"They were looking for a doctor, so I ran around screaming, 'Is there a doctor?''' she said. "I ran into Jake's (Grill), screaming, 'Is there a doctor?'"

Isenstein Krueger said she was there with the man when he died from his injuries.

"It was taking forever for the emergency people to come. And then I just sat there and held his hand, and he passed," she said.

Anyway the lull is over, that's for sure. Chalk it up as Homicide No. 58 for the year.


  1. Isenstein doesn’t hyphenate?

  2. I was in traffic, at that intersection minutes before it happened. Missed the news coverage until just now. Downtown Portland scares me. I’ll be changing my travel routes to avoid downtown.

  3. Was waiting for the bus not too far away. The murder suspect pulled over later and turned himself in, so not your typical gang banger but super sad nonetheless. There is a lot of "impulse control" issues going on these days- for various reasons.

  4. I was downtown a few years ago when a shooting happened at a restaurant somewhere near Powell's. Folks were running, calling 911. I remember walking the two blocks back to my car and starting to drive away. I was almost hit by another car that blew through a stop sign. On reflection, they were rushing someone to Emanuel.

    I made it from Broadway and Burnside all the way up to I-405 and never heard a single siren nor did I see a single police car. Must've been at least six or eight minutes. Maybe more. Fascinating.

    Portland, from Sylvan to The Numbers, has become a police-free autonomous zone. We should govern ourselves accordingly.

    1. All the "Black Lives Matter" and Antifa "All Cops Are Bastards" lefties got their wish, assisted by the Portland City Council: the de-policing of downtown Portland. Thus downtown is now a crime-ridden, drug-infested, scary toilet where cars are robbed and people accosted. The Willamette Week and Portland Mercury supported this degeneration, as did most Portland voters. Enjoy the shit-hole downtown city you ruined, you "progressive" fools.


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