These are the good guys?

I see they've indicted the federal drug agent who mowed down and killed a cyclist in a residential neighborhood in Salem last spring. He's charged with negligent homicide, a Class B felony.

The Marion County grand jury handed up the single-count indictment on Wednesday, Sept. 6, against Samuel T. Landis, 38. The charge became public when it was posted in Marion County Circuit records but was removed after Salem Reporter reported on the indictment. Court records before that did not show a date set to arraign Landis.

Marganne Allen, 53, was on her way home from work, cycling downhill on Southeast High Street just before rush hour on March 28 when she collided with a pickup truck at the intersection with Southeast Leslie Street. 

If it weren't for Ardeshir Tabrizian, a journalist at the Salem Reporter, I wonder whether the indictment ever would have happened. Tabrizian has been an absolute hound on that story. The feds and the local cops have been evasive in the extreme about the whole thing. I guess the undercover narcs didn't want to blow their cover, even if it meant that an innocent person lost her life and her family got no justice.

So many questions. Did Landis take a drug test after the accident?

At least the cops didn't joke and laugh about it on camera. So there's that. 


  1. The DOJ in its entirety is rotten. It is an ugly tyrant's tool corroded principally by having been passed around from Clinton, to Obama, to the hideously rotten Biden organization. Bush the younger did his bit for the degeneration of American democracy with a dismaying ardency

    1. But you're fine with the Barr approach? "Hideously rotten" just lost every scintilla of meaning . . .

    2. “Hideously rotten Biden organization.” LOL. Lay off the Fox News kool-aid, ya kook.

  2. A while lotta deflection in that first comment. What we have here is a cop who mowed down a civilian and an entire local investigating department that did everything it could to see to it that the guy didn't face any consequences. Beyond just convicting this guy, resignations are in order and professional certifications should be stripped.

  3. The indictment is now public.


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