Out-take from the show

The people who keep putting up huge "Schmidt Show" murals in Portland reportedly rejected this one recently:

I dunno. It's not that bad. Instead they went with:

It may have been a close call. 

These billboards remind me of many of the glossy election porn flyers that show up in the snail mailbox during the campaigns. They seem to have been written and designed by the same people who do those.

But they'll never top the Packy Murder mailer. That one will forever set the standard for this sort of thing.


  1. Political Billboards only work if they’re seen by potential voters.

  2. I wonder who created the billboard that got rejected?

  3. I am reminded that deborah kafoury fancies herself as a competitive salsa dancer. It was mentioned to me more than once that if I wanted something done in the county, I better learn Salsa.


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