Another slant from OPB

What's with OPB all of a sudden? I don't remember them ever behaving like the kids at the Merc, but here they go again

Why do the financial backers of this worthwhile ballot measure have to be identified in their very first headline on the subject, as if it's some big scoop? I don't remember that being their practice when Measure 110 was first introduced.

In fact, I don't think they've ever identified the individuals who were ultimately responsbile for coming up with the money to push decriminalization of lethal street drugs on the gullible Oregon public. That money's way too dark for this lazy group.

Plus, even leaving the "richest" part out, they're clearly making "businessmen" out to automatically be bad guys. "Business" and "men" in the same word! That's too much for Portland public radio and TV, I guess. Doubly evil! They probably drive cars, too.

You talk about jumping the shark. These folks' credibility is starting to circle the drain.

Finally, "recriminalize drugs again" is just inaccurate. Drugs have not been "recriminalized" ever before. This would be the first time.

Oh well. Turn up the Charles Ives music.


  1. Anyone related to the success of capitalism gets in the way of their march to socialism and must be smeared.

  2. They've always been smug, now they are working on Shrug mixed with Thug

  3. Ok. But just to be clear re the link for the Ives, that channel’s not related to OPB.

    “All Classical Radio is an independent, community-funded radio station and multimedia platform with international reach, providing access to classical music, outstanding performances, and engaging storytelling since 1983.” is superb! One of the very best classical stations in the U.S. Playlists & program hosts are wonderful, 24/7.

  4. Another way to write. The same headline is “Oregon’s richest businessmen want the state off drugs, but the politicians don’t.”

  5. Speaking of needles, have you tried finding the new Covid booster? Infections are on the rise. I know probably a half dozen folks who've picked it up since Labor Day. I can't find a booster within 50 miles of my house.



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