Diane Linn? Really?

As an old guy, I guess I shouldn't worry too much about the future of local journalism in Portland. But I do. 

This piece, by Alex Zielinski, a relatively recent transplant from the sandbox at the Merc to public radio at OPB, bugs me. Here she is waxing long about the lame duck tenure of outgoing Mayor Ted Wheeler, and whom does she quote?

  • Amanda Fritz, a former City Council member who set the city up for its current major downfall
  • Tera Hurst, queen of the insane Measure 110, Portuguese travel agent, and former lackey for Char-Lie Hales, another terrible mayor
  • Diane Linn, the most ridiculous Multnomah County Commission chair of all time until Chevy Vega pulled up, and now another Measure 110 pusher
  • Some person from Central City Concern speaking for the nonprofit industrial complex
  • Some guy who used to work as Wheeler's "chief of staff" (ugh, the pretension)
That's it. Any normal, accomplished, moderate people? No. I'm surprised Jo Ann With the Bullhorn wasn't consulted. She's probably busy.

Anyway, this is what passes for news "analysis" at OPB now. Scary. Look, I don't need it to be the Lars Larson Show, but for Pete's sake, can we at least get some slight effort at balance? The phrase "part of the problem" comes to mind.


  1. She thinks she’s part of the solution. It’s really sad.
    Far too many of Portland’s print people fall into that category

  2. I went to high school with the Linns- now Revolution Hall. Diane was def the best look'n of the bunch.

  3. Let's hear from Erik Sten!

  4. Remember when Diane Linn wanted to give county workers a bonus for coming in on a snow day?

  5. The "Portland Mercury's" Alex Zielisnki was an active supporter of the violent arsonist Antifa/"Black Lives Matter" rioters who wrecked downtown Portland in 2016-2021. Portland has not recovered from this explosion of crime, anarchy, and violence. Downtown businesses & government buildings are still boarded up, anticipating the next round of leftist destruction. "Progressive Democrats" destroyed downtown Portland, and Zielinski contributed to this attack on democracy. It is disgusting that OPB would hire such a vile person. I have terminated my financial support of Oregon Public Broadcasting.


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