Portland Street Ambassador of the Week

The guy who stormed the Pioneer Courthouse, and got himself shot doing so, Monday morning has been identified. He's a badly troubled 39-year-old man who's been terrorizing Portland in one way or another for years.

Here he is three years ago after allegedly setting the gas pipe into a Marriott hotel on fire and going on to assault strangers on the street in Northwest. Here he is 11 years ago, allegedly burglarizing a house in Southeast.

Now he'll face a federal judge, who's unlikely to be amused by a serious assault on a courthouse guard. And Mikey Schmidt can't let him go, 'cause it ain't Mikey's court. Let's hope the suspect's sent somewhere nice and secure for a decade or two. The charge he's facing carries a 20-year maximum sentence. Sounds about right. Either that, or an indefinite stay in a mental hospital.


  1. But, really, y'all come visit downtown Portland, there's nothing to worry about, don't listen to the haters!

  2. One look at this guys face would clear a neighborhood.

  3. A regular psycho that's for sure. Prison for him would probably be an upgrade.

  4. Like Big Mike, The President's Son, and the Fallen Flloyd of the Apostolate I am certain that he was turning his life around before getting gunned down.


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