More horror tales from The Projects

The vision of most of Portland's politicians is that if we build more "affordable housing" and move the thousands of homeless people we've attracted here into rent-free crummy apartments, all will be well.

None of these politicians must be from big cities east of the Mississippi. If they were, they'd know that public housing projects are pretty much hubs of crime and misery. And the ones we have in Portland are replicating the horror stories of the ones in the older cities. The only difference between here and there is that here, "nonprofit executive directors" make a nice bank off the fail, just after the city and county bureaucrats slurp up their share of the tax gravy.

I wrote here recently about one crime-infested "affordable housing" complex, out near the hellhole known as Gateway. Now here's another one in the dead zone known as the Lloyd District.

Patricia Golding came to Portland last year from out of state. She said after family issues, she needed a new start but the Louisa Flowers apartments in the Lloyd District were not what she had in mind.

“There’s homeless people that come in and put their beds down and build them a little fort right there,” Golding said. “They sit there and do their drugs. It’s very unsafe environment.”

Golding said she’s appalled by what she sees just outside her door every day, including drug use and prostitution. She said management isn’t concerned with stopping it....

Home Forward, which owns the Louisa Flowers, acknowledges “weighty challenges” at the building and changing management. Home Forward said in a statement in part: “A new security firm started at the building and we will open an office on site for supportive services this fall.”

The Portland Bureau of Emergency Communications sent FOX 12 statistics of calls for the last two years at the address. In 2021, there were 532 calls and in 2022 it jumped 22% to 651.

Portland needs to make it its first priority to stop drawing hordes of drug addicts, wiseguy bums, and every down-on-their-luck Tom, Dick, and Harry here with our lawless atmosphere, normalized drug addiction, consequence-free property crime, ubiquitous street camping, and over-the-top handouts. Passing out free lube for boofing and sticking the would-be boofers into The Projects will never even make a dent in the city's many problems.


  1. What you bet the Oregon Health Plan's lucrative benefits are what drew Pat to Potland Oregon?

  2. Long ago there was a much nicer population of bums. Old guys asking for change so they could go a bottle of hooch. I recall perhaps 40 years there was a group that hung around 10th and Alder and they would hit you up for any spare change as you were plugging the meter. They tried to cajole rather than threaten. I remember someone who near me and had no change and asked if I had any. When the bums heard that they all dug into their pockets and stuffed it in the guys meter. Princes amongst men. Kind of sorry now that I always said no.

  3. I have a guaranteed solution to getting druggies off the streets. Narcan everybody constantly so they can't get high. The streets will clear in very short order. I know a tad illegal, but who obeys the law any more?

  4. The street people will always go to a place that will feed them. You can talk about free tents, lax laws and drug paraphernalia as the attraction. But if you curtail the food, they’ll go elsewhere.


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