Where's the boof?

There's no need for satire when the real local government in Portland provides rueful laughs day after wretched day. In the latest episode, we're making news around the world for the fact that the county has been handing out not only crack pipes and tin foil for fentanyl smoking, but also lubricant to facilitate ingesting drugs throgh one's rectum in a practice apparently known as "boofing." And the receipts for the county's purchases include a $5 receipt for a brochure, written by a Temple law student, on how one does this.

This one's so easy, you don't need my help. Make up your own joke.

KATU has the story here. If you want to gross yourself out, the link to buy the pamphlet – not safe for work, not safe for anything really – is here. If you voted for Chevy Vega Pederson for county chair, this is your baby. Enjoy!


  1. So two drug users zombie walk into a bar....

  2. Ya can’t make this stuff up!🤡

  3. The pamphlet is needed because tips on safe boofing don’t spread by word of mouth.

    1. You are right. They are spread by the horse’s rear. In this case, the city of Portland.

  4. You can count the days until someone on TikTok makes a “This is how I Boof” video for the whole world to see. The idiotic gamesmanship will then be on.

    We are a dying society.

  5. "This is how the world ends, this is how the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper."

  6. The Atlantic weighs in on the sad state of affairs (subscription required, but maybe you get a free one or two?). https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2023/07/oregon-drug-decriminalization-results-overdoses/674733/

  7. May have to buy this issue. That picture is of the East side of the River Walkway that I would walk just about every lunch hour between the Hawthorne and Morrison Bridge where I would do a loop. I did that for something like 20 years and way before this image their were campers but I never felt particularly threatened. I haven't been downtown for a walk in years since I retired and I don't think I want to. Recently when I walked over to the a Bank on Hawthorne the very next day a woman was attacked by a homeless guys unleashed dog. I saw a little business that looked interesting and made a note to visit it later and when I heard that story I decided to skip it. We took our kids to get their very first haircuts at the house run by these two sweet women called 'Kuts for Kids' that was in that neighborhood. It was a regular thing for them for years. I am so grateful my kids are all grown up now. It's so depressing.


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