The K.O.A. Kampstore is closed

Deadly Deborah's downtown Portland day spa for tent squatters is suddenly closed for two weeks and three weekends. There was no advance announcement; they closed on Friday night and announced they won't be open again until two weeks from today.

They're saying that the closure is because of "some programmatic and infrastructure needs that needed to be addressed," and so far, the wimps in local media are letting it go at that. But it's probably no coincidence that the closure came at the end of a day in which 11 people overdosed on fentanyl downtown, three fatally.

The county admits that there are drug-related incidents all the time in the "day center" – overdoses, wacked-out people acting out – but there's been no connection made to Friday's carnage. 

The nonprofit company Mental Health & Addiction Association of Oregon runs the center for the county. Staff training will include instruction on how to be a peer support specialist, providing trauma-informed services, administering NARCAN, ethics and when to call law enforcement and public safety partners, Sullivan-Springhetti said.

The place has been open for several months. The staff is just getting training now? That's crazy. It feels as if something happened that they're not telling us about, doesn't it?

Oh, well. Forget it, it's downtown Portland. A sacrifice zone for bad government.


  1. Anyone ask Ms Sullivan-Springhetti how a Pulitzer-winning journalist becomes County Propaganda Minister?

    And how much she likes the latter post?

  2. Not to forget that most of the local media wimps hope to earn hack jobs in government.


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