She still doesn't get it

Following up on today's earlier post, I see that Dianne Feinstein has agreed to step down from the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, at least temporarily, but not from her seat on the Senate floor.

Well, that's interesting, but too bad: Under Senate rules – those cursed, ridiculous, scandalously anti-democratic Senate rules that have held this country back for decades – she can't be replaced on the committee without help from Moscow Mitch. 

Replacing Ms. Feinstein on the committee would require Democrats to pass a resolution, which would need some degree of bipartisan support — either the unanimous consent of the Senate or 60 votes. It is not clear whether Republicans, who want to hold up President Biden’s judicial nominations, would support such a measure.

So scratch that idea.

The only thing worse than a boomer who won't let go is a Depression Era baby who won't let go. People like Feinstein have something wrong with them, and I don't mean shingles. She needs to be gone back to California, and the people around her need to stop being polite about it.

Maybe Senator Ron Wyden (R-NY), aged 73, will step up and do the right thing. Ha ! Ha! Only kidding. He's too busy making bank off crypto chips.


  1. I thought Ron was into book stores.

  2. Punchbowl seems to think it won’t be a big issue to get a replacement:

    “ Asked for comment, a spokesperson for Schumer said: “Per Sen. Feinstein’s wishes, Majority Leader Schumer will ask the Senate next week to allow another Democratic senator to temporarily serve on the Judiciary Committee.”
    This would require Schumer to offer an updated organizing resolution on the Senate floor that names a new Democrat to the committee. Republicans could, in theory, block unanimous consent for this and require Schumer to use floor time to pass it, although that’s unlikely to happen. It’s unclear who will be tapped to replace Feinstein.”

    1. Does "floor time" mean 60 votes? Never underestimate the scumminess of The Turtle.

    2. Make them look busy.

    3. The Turtle will absolutely do everything in his power to impede a transition. There's also the issue of Manchin and Sinema, who both need to be onboard. We'll see.

    4. SMH. Democrats.

  3. Assuming elections are on the up and up (I have big doubts and a reason most countries don't use machines), the folks in California have had decades to get rid of her.


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