Nothing if not persistent

 A postcard has arrived as a friendly reminder to help them ignore me better!

¡Por nada!


  1. Please scan this QR code and our anonymous staff will know that you have personally taken our survey. Your answers will then be recorded under your name in an anonymous manner and stored in our database. This will allow us to anonymously know exactly what you think of our plan and act accordingly.

  2. I don't live in Oregon, but I entered a random 4-digit number at the site for the survey, and it let me in. Questions like 'do you speed,' 'do you think it's safe to speed x miles over the limit,' 'do you know it's illegal to use a hand-held device while driving,' 'what should happen to drivers stopped for using hand-held devices, if anything.'

    1. Can confirm. Random 4-digit number unlocks the magic.


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