We got this little beauty in the mail yesterday:

Wow, my opinion counts in Salem! But I knew that all along.

Do I take the bait? I'm assuming the questions will go something like:

Tolls on the highways are:

A.  A great idea.

B.  Long overdue.

C.  An important way to combat climate change.

D.  A necessary means to achieve equity.

Maybe it will be good for a couple of laughs. I have until a week from Sunday to decide.


  1. Oregon Department of Transportation. In the 1970's, their motto was "the sun never sets on a pothole." Now their motto is "we have to get your opinion; we don't have to listen to it."

  2. Every time I take one of those rigged surveys I skip over all the false choices and then give the department and/or the survey the lowest possible rating (usually its on 1-5 scale) and then detail the problems with the survey in the part where they ask me to explain my rating. The one thing they hate is bad ratings.

    The other survey method I've seen recently is to give people a lot of bad options for dealing with a problem (never the options ppl want) and then ask us to rank them. My city recently surveyed me about places where the homeless should be allowed to camp. From the list of bad options there were clearly some very bad ones that they included to boost the ranking of their preferred answers. For example one option was to allow homeless camping in environmentally sensitive areas with wildlife. It was an absurd question, so i ranked it the best choice. Other options were neighborhood sidewalks and public parks (those became 2 and 3).


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