One and done

The coach of the Portland Thorns, Rhian Wilkinson, having just won the league championship in her first year at the helm, is resigning. She was a fine leader of a remarkable team. A team that can be yours, by the way, for just $60 million if you're willing to get in bed long-term with the Paulson family. Call now to see if your zip code qualifies.

Apparently there was a thing going on between her and one of the players. What a mess – a mess she is wise to leave behind.


  1. The league needs to step in and pause the franchise. It will likely end the Thorns as we know them, but it's probably for the best. The current state is simply irreparable. Best to start over in 2024, either in a Paulson-less Providence Park or on The Bluff.

  2. So the “real value” of the team just went from five million down to two. What person(s) in their right mind would willingly jump into this mess at this point?

    A fanbase that expects social justice purity, and what would certainly be a money-losing venture. Not a winning proposition any way you look at it.

    1. Friend, they're getting 20,000 people to pay $20 each to watch a game. With numbers like that, even you could turn a profit.

    2. They averaged 15,000 last year. While those are good numbers, they are traveling to cities that only average 5,000 or less. Plus there is little to no support outside of the fans at the games themselves. No big TV contracts and no giant sponsorship deals like most “big 4” professional teams have.

      You ever wonder how a team like the Oakland A’s could survive so long in the league with such low attendance and high payrolls? They are part of an overall league that DOES have all of those things, therefore attendance is not as important.

      If Paulson was turning a profit on the team, then the investors would be knocking down the door to make an offer. The NWSL is a non-existent entity in the minds of most Americans.

    3. The whole thing, including the men's league, has been likened to a Ponzi scheme. I don't think the books are open, and if I'm right about that, there's no way to judge the accuracy of that characterization.

    4. Yet the Winterhawks have stayed in business in a league that has even lower attendance, no TV contracts, and no national advertising. All while paying out the Brian Shaw settlements. No one ever accuses them of being unprofitable.


    5. That’s because the players make squat, and they are a minor league team. Players that are good end up in the NHL. The equivalent of a farm team, but not sure if they are affiliated with any NHL team or not.

    6. Yeah, junior hockey players get “stipends “. Maybe $100 a week if they are lucky. They don’t even make a minimum wage, and are usually cared for by local families, and attend high school. It’s pretty easy to turn a profit when you have serfs rather than employees.


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