Who would buy the Thorns?

I see that Little Lord Paulson has made official what's been known for a while now, that he's going to try to keep the Timbers but sell the Thorns. So get this, high rollers of sports: The Paulsons will be your landlords and control many aspects of your operation, but they'll make you a really good deal! And they're being totally transparent! Honest!

Anyone who would sign up for that has got to be a little nuts. Meanwhile, the fan base is adamant that LLP needs to sell both teams and get out of Dodge. 

If I were a Thorns follower, I'd be concerned about the team's future. Just ask the minor league baseball fans whose franchise those guys bought and killed.


  1. Maybe some of the SJW’s who like to think that they are in charge of the team could pool their money together. I am sure that they could do a much better job anyway. As long as they didn’t spend the time arguing amongst themselves that is.

  2. The Athletic is not-so-subtlety suggesting the NWSL is forcing the sale. Their report is due any day and one of the suggested remedies will be that he give up his franchise. It's that bad.

    His good friend John Canzano, who's remained silent on the whole mess despite branding himself as Portland's premier girl dad, gave him a rub down with the western grip yesterday. The problem is completely isolated to the Thorns, you see. JC agrees that one freed from those icky girls in Paulson's employ, everything will be just fine. Even MLS commissioner Don Garber has joined the chorus, saying nothing in the Yates report suggests he give up his MLS franchise. I wonder if either will feel different a month from now. The guy is Trump-level toxic.

    As for the future of the Thorns, are they REALLY gonna spend the next decade paying the guy rent? I can't believe they'd want to hang around. I'd decamp for Merlo Field and start from zero. Or move to San Jose and start over there.

    1. I'm sure LLP thinks he will get sale terms whereby they can't leave his building. Like I say, only a fool would go there.


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