Neither rain, nor snow, nor... Portland tweakers?

Portland's property crime rings, many of them operating out of the free tents that the county handed out, are going after the mail carriers now. Here's the latest episode, in north Portland, where a thief maced two people to make his getaway after assaulting a mailman. A couple of months ago, three blocks from the Irvington Post Office, a postman was held up at gunpoint.

What most baffling about this week's NoPo incident is that a homeowner who joined in chasing the thief actually thought he was doing something by calling 911.

"I'm thinking, 'I'll just find the person, call the police and let them do what they do,'" Ben said. 

Dude! What they do about property crime is nothing.

Some folks just don't pay enough attention. You can just imagine how the guy votes.

I wonder if our U.S. attorney and the FBI can spare some time to get involved in these cases. I believe messing with a postal worker is a federal crime. Lord knows, our feckless county district attorney doesn't bother pressing charges under state law unless someone is dead, and even then he might pass.

Anyway, be nice to your mail carrier. They're risking their neck for you out there all week long.


  1. Postal workers carry mace for dogs, maybe they need to upgrade to something more potent to fend off the rabid wankers

  2. ORS164.465 ("Armed Robbery) distinguishes what you describe, from Robbery 3, a lesser included, which does not require proof of either being armed with deadly force or utilizing a weapon or the threat of a weapon to facilitate the robbery. If the Portland police consider Robbery 1 to be a "property crime", to be ignored, we are indeed back to the days of brigands and posses...

    1. The Portland cops do nothing about armed robbery. Ask the tavern owners who are held up at gunpoint just about every other weekend.

  3. P.S. And, of course, 18 U.S.C. 2114 makes this behavior a federal felony.

  4. "I'm not here to judge, but we cannot be macing each other in the streets."

    Buddy, you just got robbed and maced, it is absolutely the time to judge.


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