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The President has made his pick for U.S. attorney for Oregon, to succeed the Trump jackboot apologist, Billy Bob Williams. The nominee is Natalie Wight, currently an assistant U.S. attorney in Portland and a long-time Justice Department lawyer.

Wight is a local product. At Cleveland High School in southeast Portland, she was a Hall of Fame athlete who lettered in three sports, was the captain of both the basketball and soccer teams, and... wait for it... was the school's 1992 Rose Festival princess!

She graduated from the College of Idaho and got her law degree at Notre Dame in 2003. As a rookie lawyer, she worked at the federal Prison Bureau, and from there she went to San Francisco.

Assuming she makes it through the confirmation process – I hope for her sake that Joe Manchin's okay with her – may Wight strike a better balance than her predecessor did. These days, Portland needs real leadership everywhere you look. And it's not easy.


  1. Billy Bob Williams was appointed by Obama, and for some reason T**** left him in place. Maybe because he knew how to keep his head down. https://www.opb.org/article/2021/02/09/billy-williams-to-resign-as-oregons-us-attorney-this-month/

  2. My children went to school with Natalie and I can tell you she is a special person. Outstanding athlete and student and great personality. Very proud to know her and believe she will do a terrific job.


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