Trumpy Joe gains again, but probably not enough

Cowlitz County just released a new vote count in the Third Congressional District up in the 'Couve. They counted 4671 votes today, and among those, Joe Kent gained 765 votes on Maria Gluesenkamp Perez. They estimate they have 2300 left to count.

Districtwide, MGP is still ahead by 5117. Yesterday, the two candidates basically traded baskets in Clark County, where 45,000 votes are left to be counted. Unless Trumpy Joe comes out substantially ahead in today's Clark count, it continues to look like he'll fall short. 

Clark says it will drop some new numbers at 6 p.m. Yesterday it took them until 6:22, but today is a Friday, and I'm sure the bureaucrats all want to get out of the office. And so it may be earlier than that.