All over but the swearing-in

Just for the sake of completeness, I keep tracking the election results in the Congressional race up in the 'Couve. Since I last looked on Wednesday the 16th, they've counted 3884 votes in the contest, of which 1543 were in Clark County. Trumpy Joe Kent closed the gap between himself and the winner, Mme. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, by 542 votes, mostly thanks to the part of Thurston County that lies within the district. Kent still trails by 2812 overall.

By my amateur estimate, there are only about 675 votes left to count, 400 of which are in Clark County, where Perez continues to edge out Kent in the late-counted ballots. With far fewer votes to count than Perez's lead, Kent's only hope would be a recount. As I am reading the state election law up there, Kent would have to pay for it unless Perez's lead drops below about 1600 by the time the results are officially certified. The certification is scheduled for December 8, two weeks from yesterday.

I'll continue to follow along just to see how things officially end. It looks like Perez will win by about 2700 or 2800. She will be a member of the 118th Congress of the United States when it convenes on January 3. 

Meanwhile, I wonder if anyone has had the gumption to point out Kent's apparent tax issues to the IRS. There's actually a form for that, Form 3949-A


  1. “Upon information and belief….”

  2. Kent is trying to raise money for a recount, even though it has essentially zero chance of changing anything. It looks like he has until 5PM Thursday to put down a deposit of almost $80,000 for a hand recount or almost $48,000 for a machine recount.

    1. "Not...gonna...happen..." -- GHW Bush


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