Following up on Marie vs. Joe

Usually when a race is called for one candidate or the other, we all stop watching the vote count numbers as they stream in. But I thought it would be worth it to keep monitoring the Third Congressional District in Washington, if only because I had been watching it so closely most of last week.

Marie Gluesenkamp Perez is still ahead of Joe Kent, but in about 9400 votes counted district-wide since Saturday, her lead has been cut by 1267, and so as of this afternoon it stood at 3354. There are still about 3900 votes left to count, about half of them in Clark County, where her lead has increased by 439 since Saturday. Then again, my amateur math says that about 1600 of what’s left is in Thurston County, which is Trumpy Joe Country.

He isn't going to make up 3354 with only 3900 left to count.

But Kent and his followers are scouring the district for supporters whose ballots have been challenged for signature discrepancies, hoping that those voters will go in, "cure" their ballots, and rack him up some more votes. It still won't be enough.

Then I suppose he'll start in with his election fraud fantasy talk, which has got him this far in life. But it's pretty much the end of the road, except possibly for the IRS.

Meanwhile, MGP is the new darling of the New York Times. Nowhere near the AOC level of passion, of course, but it's love nonetheless.

I hope she likes it and is good at it. I thought that district would never flip.


  1. She is a super-refreshing treat for our jaded souls. You know she is who she seems to be because she got exactly zero help from the D establishment — nobody was focus grouping her or telling her when to finesse a question. I gave all I had to give this cycle to key US Senate races and mostly succeeded — but there was exactly one US house candidate I sent money to and it was Marie, because I used to live in the district when Baird had the seat, after surviving the execrable Linda Smith era. Marie is what the Berniecrats pretend to be. Long may she serve.

  2. This non-stop messaging that anyone who questions vote counts is a "threat to democracy" sure seems like a preemptive attack to get out in front of the potential fraud. If you haven't been following all the discovery of who has access to voting systems using super-user log ins, you are just hoping we have election integrity. Go look up Konnech, go look up the mess just being exposed with FTX funneling money to election coffers. I have no idea if this congressional race is worth fixing, but let's not be so damn naïve.

    1. This non-stop messaging that questions vote counts sure seems like a preemptive attack to perpetrate fraud by enabling sore losers with exactly zero evidence to case doubt on elections they lost where their only evidence is that there is no evidence, which they take as evidence that the fraud is really really sophisticated.


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