Who's bankrolling the sales job on the charter change happy meal?

According to the opponents of the Portland charter change ballot measure, Measure 26-228, over the last 10 days more than $225,000 has come into the "yes" campaign from outside Portland – to wit, from Corvallis, Maryland, and Colorado. Who are these people, and why are they doing it? Beats me. I was a "no" even before they waltzed in.

But folks, if you're still thinking about voting in favor of this mess, please understand that it is not just a local, grassroots thing, as it's being portrayed. Please vote no. A better, fairer proposal will be available in the spring. This measure is as bad as four Jo Ann Hardesty's, with no way to get rid of them.


  1. I'm a HELL NO but if there is a very slight silver lining, the developers- who have destroyed Portland- would have to bribe 12 bobble heads instead of 5...

  2. I don't think the developers are the primary bribers at this point. Seems like the machine is in league with all the non profits, who dictate policy, get funding, then funnel that funding back into votes/advocacy for the policy they dictated.

    1. It's terrible. And some of them don't cut square corners with the IRS.


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