If you're voting against Hardesty...

I see that the polls show Rene Gonzalez way ahead of the incumbent, Jo Ann With The Bullhorn, in the Portland City Council race. I'm happy about that. As well-intentioned as it was, the experiment of putting Hardesty on the commission was a failure. She set the city back, far back, not forward as people hoped. It's time to bring the agony to an end and wish her well as she battles her personal problems.

But I'm frightened to see that the crazy charter change proposal on the ballot is looking like it is going to pass. If it does, we are going to have four or more Hardestys on the City Council permanently. The whole point of the measure's "ranked-choice voting" nonsense and three council members per district is to game the system and ensure that fringe candidates like JAWTB get seats on the council.

The better charter change plan is ready to go on the ballot in May. Please, please, please! If you are tired of Hardesty, don't inflict more of her type on the city in perpetuity. Vote no on 26-228 and save your yes vote for the spring. And spread the word around about it. There is a much better charter reform measure coming in May. Hold out for something reasonable and don't give us four more Bullhorn Ladies!


  1. Looks like Jo Ann also forgot to submit her photo for the voter's pamphlet. Even if the spread was +30 for her, I wouldn't take the points.

  2. How is the charter reform coming in May better than the current one?

    1. https://www.mingusmapps.com/charter-reform

      Spread the word

    2. The May measure doesn't have "ranked-choice voting," which is a dumb idea and a solution in search of a problem. The May measure also breaks the city into seven districts, rather than four. Four isn't going to change the current dynamic much. Plus, the May measure has only one council member per district, not three. Seven bobbleheads is plenty; we don't need 12. Both get rid of the dopey "commission" and hire a city manager, but there the similarities stop.


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