Meieran for county chair

When I posted my partially tepid election suggestions the other day, I neglected to mention that Sharon Meieran is a far better candidate for Multnomah County chair than her opponent, that bobblehead Jessica Vega Pederson. I forgot about their race because Meieran barely made the runoff, and I wouldn't bet a nickel that she'll win.

But if you want to see something actually get done about Portland's drug crisis and the resulting camping and crime emergencies, more of the same isn't going to cut it. Whatever she's saying this week, Pederson is the very human embodiment of the status quo. In sharp contrast, Meieran, a doctor and like Pederson a current commissioner, wants to get going and really clean things up, as opposed to blowing all the "housing first" hot air currently being exuded by the current chair, Deadly Deborah (the Latest) Kafoury.

So if you think like I do, vote Meieran, but don't get your hopes up.


  1. I saw her on public access replaying the "I hope nobody had to pay for this" show at Revolution Hall (my old high school), where candidates pretend to be talented disaster (the band was good). Seems like a good sport, but a bit long winded. Probably the best choice.


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