For what they're worth, election suggestions

Our ballots got here yesterday, along with the voter's pamphlet and some election porn. I've been stewing so long about this election that I'm not sure I have the energy to digest or dissect on this blog each item from the mailbox. Besides, once you get your ballot, it means that some other people have already voted, and so it's already too late to sway the early birds.

But if anybody cares, in order of importance, I'm voting yes on Measure 114, the long-overdue gun control laws that the Salem of Kotek and Brown could never get done. I'm also voting for Rene Gonzalez for Portland City Council, to send Jo Ann With the Bullhorn back to some less harmful charade than the one she's been engaged in for the last four years. And I'm casting an enthusiastic no vote on that goofy city charter change measure, 26-228. On that last topic, I'll gladly vote yes for something sane in the spring, but not the jumbo assortment pack of mostly bad ideas that the charter commission youth and P.C. brigade is offering.

On the money measures, I'm no on PCC, and no on Metro, even though it's hopeless. The kids around here vote for all the property taxes, then wonder why their rent is so high.

The Multnomah County charter measures all look as though they're coming from the current bobblehead leadership, and so I'm inclined to vote no on all of them unless somebody gives me a decent reason to say yes. But on the one about ranked-choice voting, don't waste your breath; I'm a committed no. One person, one vote.

What else? Oh yeah, Oregon governor. Vote your conscience, folks. We're screwed no matter which way we go, blue or red. Maybe just don't vote, or vote for Betsy Johnson; the pollsters tell us it's the same thing at this point.

There are a few other choices to make, but none of them appear to matter much. I'm open to suggestion otherwise. I'll probably wait until the last minute to vote; some of the election porn may provide a chuckle or two, and once the campaigns see you've voted, it stops. 

In this bleak time in Portland, I wish the election would boost our sagging morale. But gazing on this pile of junk, the forecast calls for continued funk.

UPDATE, early Saturday: I forgot the Multnomah County chair race. Sharon Meieran is the way better choice.


  1. Good list. It is such a pleasure that we Oregonians get to vote for the 3rd senator from New York.... BTW I'm not just in protest. Same with Earl the worthless Pearl.

  2. I've always turned my ballot in early so as to avoid the election porn, but the past two years I've gotten it anyway. Such a waster of resources. We should be able to unsubscribe from it, expect we never signed up to begin with.

  3. I won't be voting for Pro-Lifer Betsy Johnson.

    1. The one who served on the board of Planned Parenthood of Oregon? Please take the troll act somewhere else. Thanks.


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