Is Trumpy Joe a C.I.A. agent?

The guy who's about to become the U.S. Congressman from Vancouver, Washington is quite the character. The strange, strange inconsistencies about what he does for a living, and for whom, are well documented in this story on OPB.

I once knew a woman whose prominent father had once worked as a spy for the U.S. in Asia. His cover story at the time was that he was the Philippines circulation manager for Reader's Digest. Ha! Ha! Joe's story about his employment sounds a lot like that to me.

Anyway, we'd all better get used to him. I can't see any way that he will lose when the numbers show up in 12 nights. And he may well be part of a red House majority. If that happens, Schumer and Wyden will have until Christmas to accomplish whatever they think they can get through Sinema and Manchin. After that, it's pure gridlock ahead.

UPDATE, the next day: This has gotten a lot more interesting, here and here.


  1. It’s Joe’s to lose.

    Should be noted that there were three Republicans in the jungle primary and Maria was the only Dem.

    Maria won the primary, but her votes totaled less than half the combined GOP votes for Joe, Jaime and Heidi (the latter of whom billed herself as the “real” Trump candidate, but finished a distant fourth.)

  2. Most of the media is CIA, so there's that. The CIA has been running candidates for years now, so not surprising if true. If you look into Ronny Wyden's dads' past, other countries also run candidates.

  3. It's not just the gridlock. It's the impeachments (they're going to go after everyone from Joe Brandon to Mayor Pete to Ketanji Brown Jackson), and the show trials, and the brinksmanship. With folks like Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer, Wyden and Murray in charge, I'm sure Democrats will be just fine.


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