Smudge on the halo

I see the kids at the Weed have finally acknowledged, begrudgingly and with no enthusiasm or urgency, that their great hero, that saintly genius Gatsby Wyden, has a little stock-trading conflict of interest. They're quick to point out, of course, that 95 other members of Congress, including Earl the Pearl, have the same problem (as I noted here a week ago). The weekly got that right in the headline.

Wyden made the list because his wife bought and sold shares of Exxon Mobil and Shell while he sat on committees that handled energy issues, the Times said. Wyden also made trades in companies run by executives who testified before the Senate Finance Committee while Wyden was the top Democrat on the committee, the Times said.

No mention of her big Nvidia play, or her husband's residency issues. Nor is there any suggestion of ever asking to see either of their tax returns. Meanwhile, the Weed notes: "A spokesman for Wyden told the Times that he and his wife keep their finances separate."

And that will be the end of that, they hope. Case closed!


  1. The Cheshire Cat’s talent to appear and disappear resemble Wyden’s visits to Portland.

  2. Yup he's shady AF.
    Also, the recent facelift makes him look like a stoned alien.


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