Our lil' stinkers

The New York Times has a story up today about members of Congress with shameful conflicts of interest regarding their or their spouses' stock trades.

At least 97 current members of Congress bought or sold stock, bonds or other financial assets that intersected with their congressional work or reported similar transactions by their spouse or a dependent child, an analysis by The New York Times has found.

U.S. lawmakers are not banned from investing in any company, including those that could be affected by their decisions. But the trading patterns uncovered by the Times analysis underscore longstanding concerns about the potential for conflicts of interest or use of inside information by members of Congress, government ethics experts say.

Regular readers of this blog will not be surprised that front and center on the crap list are New York's third senator, Ron Wyden, and Portland bike dandy Earl the Pearl Blumenauer. But hey – even Kurt "the Traitor" Schrader gets a piece of the action!

At least old Kurt got his walking papers. The other two birds will be re-elected in November, essentially unopposed, with sainthood in their future. Portland is weird indeed.


  1. Ron and Earl do an excellent job of supporting the local media with press releases

    Wish they’d do something for the rest of us


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