Killer Kate lies low

Am I missing something, or is Oregon's governor, Killer Kate, keeping an unusually low profile these days? With one of the lowest approval ratings of any governor in the country, I suspect she's staying out of sight because every time she shows her face it hurts her successor wannabe, T. Kohoutek.

Gosh, back in the thick of Covid, you couldn't go more than a day or two without an appearance by the Guv on your various screens. But now, nary a glimpse. Every once in a while she peeks out to declare an obvious fire emergency, but that's been about the sum of it lately.

I'm sure she'll be back right after the election, naming cronies to cushy commissioner positions and opening the prison doors for dangerous guys to come back to Portland and attack people. But for now, she seems to be on the down-low, and I'd expect her to stay that way for a while.


  1. There’s a grifter somewhere in that activity
    Wish I knew where to start looking


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