Not immune from scorn

A poll this week shows that Oregon Governor "Killer" Kate Brown's approval ratings are in the tank. She's the least popular governor in the United States, apparently. Golly, why?

   ✓ Vaccinated gym teachers ahead of vulnerable seniors.

   ✓ Held a self-congratulatory Covid victory party just as Delta was getting ready to surge.

   ✓ Dysfunctional unemployment system.

   ✓ Utterly nonfunctional Department of Motor Vehicles.

   ✓ Watched as Portland was destroyed.

   ✓ Taxes taxes taxes taxes and more taxes.

What am I leaving out?


  1. The triumph of form over substance in Oregon and Portland politics has been breathtaking to witness.

  2. Will Oregon ever have the guts to send a message to the Democrats that they don't get a rubber stamp? I highly doubt it. So expect more of the same. The only power we have is to say no, but most people are brainwashed compliant fools.


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