Time's up

The elections clerk of Clackamas County, Sherry Hall, has got to be kidding. Folks have hardly gotten over the ballot printing fiasco from the primary, and now her office sends out the wrong voter's pamphlet on the mayoral race in Oregon City. If ever a bureaucrat needed to take their fat PERS pension and pack it in after 20 years, she should.

But no! Hall is actually up for re-election in November herself. And amid all the unwelcome attention her flubs have drawn to her, we now learn that she doesn't perform marriage ceremonies any more, because that would mean she'd have to do some gay ones

Things are always crazy in Clackistan, but in this case the folks down there need to do the sensible thing and vote for Catherine McMullen, an experienced elections official who lives in West Linn. For Pete's sake! Hall is 70 years old, a character straight out of 1978 who needs to sit in a rocking chair somewhere telling stories.


  1. Sending her to retirement HAS to be Clackamas County Democrats' No. 1 objective this cycle. It's more important than keeping Schrader's seat. They're going to say they can do both things. That's not remotely true.

    1. So, you're saying that Clackastanis should replace one POS GOP functionary with somebody non-GOP, while replacing a POS non-GOP with another dubious GOP functionary who has a very high likelihood of demonstrating their POS attributes over the next two years?

      Clackastanis should get a clue and abandon the GOP entirely. But no....


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